William Arnold Inc
Professional Resume

Network Architect, Software Engineer, and Code Review Specialist

Experience in: C, C++, SQL Server, Oracle, DataArchitect, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, HTML, Java, TCP/IP, UNIX, Windows, Novell, and DOS.

It's no secret that the Internet's rapid growth is providing new and exciting ways to enhance your information offering, whether internal (using an intranet) or external (using the Internet). Splashy Web pages, intelligent search engines, and singing multimedia all add to the ability to leverage existing materials for a worldwide audience. This is one of William Arnold's specialties.

William Arnold has over 20 years of Information Technology Analysis and Planning experience with more than 10 years of true Internet experience to demonstrate his broad knowledge of WWW practices and procedures and in-depth knowledge of TCP/IP wide-area-networking and routing protocols. (firewalls, proxies, DNS, Kerberos, etc).

Obviously, it doesn't do much good to write reams of software if it; Doesn't work, Can't be trusted, or Cannot be easily modified and maintained. Thus, the quality of software is just as important (if not more important) than the productivity with which it is generated!

William Arnold personally feels that Code Review is becoming a lost art and actively promotes the review process as a subtle way of moving toward a group coding standard. William Arnold guarantees the reliability and quality you demand by personally reviewing and manipulating between 100 and 400 lines of code per working day in addition to performing rigiorous unit and system testing.

William Arnold's experience in the code review process results in Uniformity, Compactness, and a healthy dose of traditional Von-Neuman Locality and Linearity. Furthermore, William's code review process frequently provides a timely opportunity to restructure legacy code at a fraction of the cost of a total re-write. In fact, the code review process can leverage a year-2000 problem into a valuable business opportunity.

As a Registered Professional Engineer in Indiana as well as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, William is fully qualified to deliver an integrated information environment with a comprehensive system encompassing requirement/GAP analysis, graphic design, Web interfaces to relational databases, application implementation, and the incorporation of authoring tools and document viewing methodologies.

I cordially invite you to consider William Arnold, Inc.


Why do I identify this site with "Ephram"? - Ephram is the common mispelling of the Biblical Ephraim - the second son of Joseph.

Genesis 41:52 - His second son was named Ephraim, which means "God has made me a success in the land where I suffered."

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